Welcome Cowboys & Cowgirls


There are a few important and exciting items I would like to tell you about.  First relates to the future cowboy matches. 

  • The match fees have been reduced to $5.00 for the 4 stage matches and $10 for the 6 stage matches.
  • The corral has a new shelter.  The corral is still part of Buffalo Flats but the structure can also serve as another sheltered place for PCGC membership shooting.  The KVR has first Dibs on this real estate for matches
  • The targets will be positioned for the upcoming Wild bunch match.  Targets will also be repaired so that the reactive targets fall under the SASS regulations
  • The remaining matches up to our State WB match will have stages geared for both WB & Cowboy.  If you are shooting WB please be prepared to shoot up to 80 rounds for the 4 stage and 120 rounds for the 6 stage 45acp ammunition.  These matches will give you a great opportunity to check out your gear; chrono your 45acp ammo to assure it reaches a 150 power factor; assure that the safety features or your model 1897 still work and learn the specific handling and loading of the hammerless model 12
  • There will be a free hotdog lunch on Sunday September 14th
  • There will be side matches held as follows:
    • Sunday September 14th 7:30AM - 9:15AM at the cowboy range
    • Saturday October 11th 7:30AM - 9:15AM at the cowboy range and a Pre WWI LONG RANGE RIFLE EVENT  @ rifle range from 1:30pm until 5pm   For More info see PCGC Calendar of Events


WILD BUNCH V is coming soon !!!


This will be the 5th time we have hosted this WV State Match. The rules have change a bit.  One of the rules to hopefully allow more folks to shoot is the fact the Winchester Model 12 shotgun may be used as an alternative to the model 1897. The real focus of the match is on the Model 1911 pistol shooting either a traditional firearm with the rather small GI sights, as well as the rest of the WWI period amenities of the gun or you may use the Modern 1911 that allows a flared ejection port, skeletonized hammer, full length rod, adjustable sights, 3 dot sights, no grip restrictions, etc.  The Wild Bunch Match also fires many more pistol rounds at more difficult targets. 


We must submit the names and SASS numbers of all contestants soon after the next match only a week away.  To make sure that you are counted in, please speak to Shootin Annie @ 304-925-9342; Eddie Rebel @ 304-397-6188; or Beantown Buckaroo @ 304-562-7333


Happy Trails






2014-05-17 SASS WV State BP Shootout 007rs